The Knock-Off Bra & the Lingerie Course

During the last weeks I’ve been attending to a Lingerie Course at Rosascrafts, with Lola Mata as teacher. It’s been really fun and I’ve learned a lot of things, while filling my lingerie drawer with hundreds of new bras and panties! 😉

As a final exercise to this first part of the course, we had to reverse engineering a RTW bra. In my case the Chosen One was a H&M soft bra, with a pretty design but some peculiar colours… It was pale pink (like baby-bedroom-pink) trimmed with light BROWN lace. Seriously, brown. I like brown, but, I mean, NOT for lingerie. Not THAT brown paired with THAT pink. (Dear H&M designers, what the **** were you thinking??!)

Anyway, since I didn’t take any photos of “The Thing” (your eyes should thank me), you’ll only have my version of it:

Lingerie Course6

Lingerie Course7

The pattern is pretty simple: the cups are more or less triangle-shaped, gathered at the center for shaping, and their sides are sewn to a rectangular band. At the center back there is a triangle that holds the straps, creating a Y shaped back.

The fabric is black mesh (2 ways stretch) and the cups are left unlined (unlike the original model) because I wanted to preserve the sheerness of the fabric. They are trimmed with burgundy stretch lace, and I’ve used 3/8” plush back elastic for the band and 5/8” strap elastic for the straps, plus a center closure.

It fits quite well (as you can see on Greta), although it doesn’t provide much support.

Lingerie course10

And here are some other things I’ve made at the lingerie course. I hope you like it! At the second half of the course we’re going to work with cut-and-sewn foam. Wish me luck!



Lingerie Course4 Lingerie Course5 Lingerie Course2 LingerieCourse3


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