The Lingerie Course, part 2: Foam Cups!

Breaking news: mi sewing machine is back to life!! The parting was traumatic, but we’ve survived! And to overcome my withdrawal symptoms during these 2 weeks, I’ve had a little help: my Lingerie Course!

As I said, the second part of the course focused on foam cups, so here is the proof: my first foam bra!

FoamBra1It’s a balconette bra with 2 part cup, and of course matching bottoms! All is made of stretch lace, with lots of flowers and ruffles… (not exactly my taste, but these were the fabrics we had at the lingerie workshop). Anyway, they say that “true beauty lies within”!


So, inside the bra there is… foam! As you can see in the picture above, I haven’t covered the seams with nylon tape (teacher wanted us to focus on construction, not beauty… and that way it was easier for her to spot any mistakes!). So, you can also see that the construction was quite simple: foam pieces are cut just like fabric cup pieces, but without allowances in the center seam. The foam edges are held together, and sewn using a zig-zag stitch. Then, the foam cups are joined to the fabric cups, making sure that they match, and they’re sewn around within the seam allowance. Now the cups are ready to be sewn to the cradle!

Sewing foam cups
Sewing foam cups
The results!

Working with foam is so fun, and it allows to perform endless variations! Moreover, for those who are used to RTW t-shirt bras, the foam gives a shape more similar to them.

Have you tried making foam bras? Have any tips or advice? I love to hear it!

PS: If you’re interested, you can find a great detailed tutorial on sewing foam cups here.


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