The Strawberries & Cream bra

Here we are again, and I have another lacy bra ready to show you! This time it’s all white and pink and delicate, that’s why I’m calling it my “Strawberries & Cream bra” 😉

SnowWhiteBraFrontFor this bra, I used my pattern for a vertical seam cup bra and just altered a few things: first, I straightened the top edge of the cups and the bottom edge of the cradle, so I could use this pretty scalloped lace for them. And, second, I added an external sling or power- bar to the cups: you can see in the picture above that the power bar in this bra is the strip of lace that runs almost diagonal over the side cup of the bra.


The bra is made entirely of lace except for the powernet back band. The cups are also lined with powernet, so they’re very soft and a little bit sheer.  And, to maintain the delicate feel of this bra, I used some thin, pale pink straps that were part of one of my old bras. In fact, I had forgotten that I had them in my stash until yesterday, when I had a sewing crisis because I couldn’t find any white strap elastic in the whole city of Barcelona. What a nightmare! But now I’m so proud of my old-bra-straps-hoarding-obsession 😉


I’m quite pleased with the fit of this bra and I like the softness of the cups. It also provides a very natural shape, neither pointy nor too round, and the power bar slightly pushes the breast tissue to the front. So, it’s a good candidate to become one of my favourite bras! 😉


Do you have clear preferences when it comes to your favourite bras? I do have preferences about RTW bras, but with the handmade ones… I’m happy trying all the different styles and shapes! What about you?



  1. Soooo beautiful Sofía! I really don’t think there is anything so beautiful and delicate as white lace 🙂 and the little pink accents are so dear!! I’m so inspired I’m going to make a white lace bra now, today!

    1. Thank you Maddy!! 🙂 I love white lace bras too, the funny thing is that almost all my RTW bras are black! But I still have some of this white lace left, so it’s likely to pop up in the form of another bra soon 😉

  2. This is gorgeous! So soft- this and Maddy’s new bra are making me dream of spring! I also LOVE the shape of this bra- powerbars are definitely a favourite. Also my favs are vertical seams or darts, or horizontal seams 🙂 All the bras I end up wearing everyday have those types of seams 🙂

    1. Thank you Erin!! I love powerbars too, I’ve realised that almost all my favourite bras have them! I like horizontal seams too, I think they give a pretty shape to almost anyone! And recently I’ve learned how to draft vertical seam cups, so now I’m using them pretty much everywhere. None of my RTW bras have vertical seams, so it’s a whole new world for me! 😉

  3. Wow! You’ve done it again Sofia – 2 gorgeous lace bras for February. I just love your styling and colour choices. So classy – so Spanish!!

    1. Thank you Karin!! ^^ I love working with lace, I think it makes the most amazing bras! I have in my stash a lovely piece of black eyelash lace that is begging to become my next lingerie set 😉

  4. I just found your blog, Sofia! I’ve seen your posts on the bra-making forum on Facebook and your comments on my blog but I didn’t know you had your own! Love this bra. It is my favorite of your bras.

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