Valentine’s Day gift: the Soft Kitty Eye Mask! (Free pattern)

Hi everyone! Valetine’s Day is just around the corner and I wanted to celebrate it with you by releasing a free pattern: the Soft Kitty Eye Mask! 🙂 (Yes, it’s named after the “Soft Kitty” song by Sheldon Cooper, those of you who watch The Big Bang Theory will understand… 😉 I’m a nerdy seamstress!)

It’s a comfy and easy sleep mask with the addition of… cat ears! Of course, you can make it without the cat ears as well but, I mean, CATS! You can download the free pattern right here, clicking on the image below. Let’s sew it together!

Click on the image to get the cutest eye mask!
Click on the image to get the cutest eye mask!


  • Soft Kitty Eye Mask free pattern
  • Main fabric: a square of 30cm x 15cm approx. (about 12” x 6”) will do
  • Lining fabric: the same amount as the main fabric. The lining will be in contact with your eyes, so it should be a soft fabric (in my case, my lining and main fabrics are both soft and breathable, so the eye mask can be reversible!)
  • Wadding or felt: a square of 25cm x 13cm approx. (about 10” x 5”).
  • 2 pieces of satin ribbon, about 35cm (14”) long each / Or one piece of elastic, about 40cm (16”) long (measure yourself first: it can be a little more or a little less than that, according to the size of your head!)
  • Sewing machine, scissors, pins, etc.

First, print the pattern making sure that the scale is 100% (you should check that the test square actually measures 5cm x 5cm). In the first page, there’s the pattern for the main piece of the eye mask (seam allowance included and notches marked), and on the second page you’ll find the pattern for the wadding, that is a little smaller in order to fit easily inside the eye mask. There’s also the pattern for the cat ears.

Start cutting your pieces, making sure that you mark all the notches. You’ll end up with 2 pieces of the main body of the mask (one lining and one main fabric), one piece of wadding and two sets of cat ears (2 in main fabric and 2 in lining).

Cat eye mask Supplies

Now you should sew the cat ears with right sides together, with a 5mm (1/4”) seam allowance. Clip the corners (but don’t cut through your stitching line!) and turn outside out.

You see that the main body of the sleep mask has 4 notches at the top: the smallest ones should match with the notch at the cat ears. The bigger ones mark the spot where the cat ears should end. Sew the cat ears to the main fabric, right sides together, using a 5mm (1/4”) seam allowance.  Also, secure the ribbon or the elastic in place, sewing it at the notches marked at the sides, also right sides together and with a 5mm (1/4”) seam allowance.

Cat eye mask How to

Next, place the lining on top, right side down, and pin. Sew around the edge, using a 1cm (1/4”) seam allowance, starting just before one of the cat ears and ending just after the other. There should be an opening at the top, between the two cat ears.

Trim the seam allowances and notch them every few inches. Turn right side out through the opening and… voilá! Your eye mask is almost ready! Press it to help everything lay flat and smooth and slip the felt or wadding through the opening. Now, close it with an invisible stitch by hand or topstitching very close to the edge.

Cat Eye Mask How to3

Aaaaand…. TA-DAH!!

Cat eye mask Finished

Cat eye mask Satin

That’s all!! You have your eye mask ready! Use it tonight to have the cutest cat dreams ever, or give it to your Valentine tomorrow … It’s up to you! 😉



  1. Haha, this looks so funny and cute 😀 Now I have a dog, but for 12 years I had a cat (she watched me grow up – I got her when I was 8 and died when I was 20) so I’ll never ever forget what precious creatures cats are! I totally understand cat ladies 😛
    As for the mask: it’s so tricky to sew corners (like in collars), isn’t it?! But this cat mask totally worth the job! 🙂 Thanks for the free pattern, I might try out in the future 😉

    1. Thanks!! ^^ I absolutely love cats! I always wanted to have one when I was a child, but my father had allergy to cat’s hair, and now my landlady doesn’t allow animals in the apartment 🙁 Maybe in the future I could have an apartment of my own, and a cute, furry cat!
      Sewing corners can be tricky, that’s right! But I really hope that you try the pattern, I’m sure you’ll make a beautiful version 🙂

    1. Hahaha! Thank you! I’m so glad you like it!! 🙂 Send me some pictures if you make your own Soft Kitty eye mask, I’d love to see it 😉
      (I’ve just realised that the download link was broken and I had to give you permission to have access to the pattern, but now it’s fixed and can be downloaded freely!)

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