Culottes! And an epic battle against the evil fabric

New trend: culottes! And I still can’t decide if I like them or not… So, instead of buying a pair and return them next day because it’s almost impossible that they could suit anybody (except this lovely lady at Asos that you can see below), I’ve decided to made them!

My design was inspired, of course, by the Asos ones, and by the ones made by Novita (she’s rocking them! And the top is also adorable!) after a BurdaStyle pattern.

So, last week I bought some cheap but pretty fabric at Hiper Retal. It’s black, soft and light, perfect for spring, but… not so perfect for sewing! My God, that thing was so slippery! Cutting it was a nightmare, it moved all the time, even though I was cutting it with a rotary blade and I put about 25 kg on pattern weights over it (maybe I lied: it was about 30 kg.)

Once I managed to get four pieces that barely matched with each other, I started sewing and, oh! I discovered two things: first, pinning the fabric was absolutely useless, it moved anyway; and second, it frayed A LOT. So much that, after 30 min., my living room was completely covered by threads!

But, anyway, I finished them and I’m proud of it! That’s the result; tell me if you like them!

culottes 5 culottes7

PS: My dress form is called Greta, and I’ll introduce her properly next time.


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