Where to sew in Barcelona

As you remember, my sewing machine broke and I was all cranky and in a bad mood because I missed sewing so much (sewing withdrawal syndrome is a thing, by the way. If you don’t believe me, ask my boyfriend: he was a collateral victim. Poor thing). So, what could a girl do when she wants to sew but doesn’t have a sewing machine?

Well, I did my research and found several places in Barcelona where you can go:


Lantoki (Image via Lantoki)

Lantoki is a coworking sewing studio where you can rent a sewing machine (and/or overlock) for some hours. Renting a machine for one hour costs 7 €, but you can buy ‘packs’ of 5 or 10 hours, or even for the whole day, so the price per hour is cheaper. The staff also helps and offer advice on how to use the machine or how to improve your sewing projects.

They sell a small line of handmade clothes and organize sewing courses and workshops.


Muchafibra (Image via Muchafibra)

This place is much like Lantoki, maybe a little bit bigger, and works in a similar way: you can rent a machine per hour (5€) or you can buy a pack for 3 hours, 10 hours or a day. They offer domestic, industrial and semi-industrial machines, but also some specialised machines, like coverlocks or machines for sewing leather or shoes (the rent of the specialty machines is a little higher). You can also pay a membership fee and have discounts and your own sewing space reserved at the studio.

In Muchafibra you can find other services too, like made-to-measure clothes, designer clothes, mending or sewing courses. I haven’t taken any of them, but they seem really interesting: they have advanced patternmaking courses, as well as lingerie, bikini and… corsetry courses! I’d love to know more about making corsets!


La Galería (Image via La Galería)

This is a much smaller space located in the Casa Sagnier, a place where several craft and sewing courses are regularly held. I took some of them when I was starting to sew, and I really loved the experience: I learned lots of basic stuff (and not-so-basic stuff as well), and the teachers were really nice!

The space called ‘La Galería’ is a narrow but large room in the top floor, with big windows and about 10 sewing machines in it. I went there several days, because it’s really close to my house, it’s really quiet and… it’s free! 🙂 The machines aren’t as good as the ones you can find in Muchafibra, they are domestic machines (the brand is Alfa), but they work pretty much fine.


Rosas Crafts (Image via Rosas Crafts)

This is a really big haberdashery where you can find hundreds of trims, yarns and sewing stuff. But  you can also go there to sew for a couple of hours (the price is great, 2€/hour!) or to take one of their courses or classes. I took the Lingerie course and loved it, but they also have patternmaking, knitting and jewellery courses, among many others! The only drawback I can find is that they only have domestic machines and some of them are a bit old. Nevertheless, they work fine (they’re mostly Bernettes) and, if you’re lucky, you can even get your hands on a Bernina!

And these are my discoveries! Are there similar places in your city? Have you got any suggestions to overcome the sewing withdrawal syndrome? 😉



  1. Great but you didn’t include the address or location or contact number for any of these places. Include a googlemap. I will have to search again to find out where they are!

    1. Hi Lucid! I’m glad that you like my post. I did include several links to the web pages of each one of the places I mention. You can see them on the headline of each paragraph, and there are also more links along the text (they’re coloured in purple). I’m sure you’ll find everything you need to know if you click on them 🙂

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