Billie Bralette (& Greta the Dress Form)

Today I’ll introduce you to… Billie! *Applause* Billie is my second self-drafted bralette pattern (you can see the first here).

It features a two part cup (made of low stretch satin and lace), a slim band (black mesh) and metallic closure. I used fold over elastic for everything, but next time I’ll try a wider elastic for the band, to make it more supportive. In addition, I’ll line the lower cup in cotton jersey, to make it slightly sturdier and hide the cup seams!

Billie2I’ve named it after Billie Holiday , first because I like her, and second because of her album Lady in Satin (and our Billie is made of satin, remember? Oh, I’m so clever! 😉 ).

I’ve developed the pattern modifying the basic darted triangle cup: I’ve split the cup, moving the dart to the horizontal seams, and I’ve altered the neckline in order to join both cups at the CF. Although I’m fairly pleased with the results, next time I’ll make some more modifications: move the straps slightly to the sides, soften the neckline curve, rise the side seams a little and make the band slightly wider, in order to provide more support.


And here you can see Greta modeling it! You saw her in a previous post, but today I’m introducing her properly: Greta, and her really discreet print, was the birthday present my mum gave me this year, and she comes from Germany! (Or, at least, the box said it so).

Surprisingly, her measures are almost like mine, although she isn’t a professional dress form. She isn’t fully pinnable and has one shoulder higher than the other!. But I use her for making minor adjustments to some garments, and she is a really good model: she stays still for hours, doesn’t cry if I stab her with pins… She’s the best!

Billie3 Billie4

Have you ever seen such an elegant zebra-dress form? I bet you haven’t! What are your dress forms like?


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